Teguise story cookbook

Teguise Story Cookbook

Elena Morales Jiménez. With the participation of 19 children!

Translation by Jim Miller

Fecha de edición:diciembre de 2019

Medidas: 148 x 210 mm. 220 páginas

Acabado: tapa blanda 

Precio: 19.95 €

ISBN: 978-84-18048-04-3

TEGUISE STORY COOKBOOK is a manual for small readers to get started in the fabulous world of creative writing, but it is also a book written to help both children and grown-ups alike to never lose their imagination.


In this book, we cook up stories, fry words, simmer verse, boil calligrams, season dialogues, spice characters, bake poems, pickle riddles, sautée adjectives and… cook up stories!

We recommend that you savor our stories slowly so that you learn the recipes yourself and when you have some time, come up with your own dish!

It will be a delicious concoction, a kind you’ll never get tired of, because…

instead of going to your belly

it will satisfy your creativity!

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